Jr. Cardinals Preschool in Melissa, Texas

7:00-8:50     Children Arriving, Free Choice Activities and Art

8:50-9:00      Clean-Up, Wash hands.

9:00-9:15      Snack

9:15-9:40  Circle Time  - Calendar, Weather, Helpers, Daily Theme.

9:45-10:10  Writing Skills  M,T,W,  Table Activities TH,F.

10:10-10:20  Prepare for Outside Time.   Bathroom.

10:20-11:20  Outside Time

11:20-11:30  Bathroom, Wash hands

11:30-12:00  Lunch

12:00- 12:15  Quite Activities, Set-up Cots.

12:30-3:00    Nap-time   (2:00-3:00  Quite activities for non-nappers)

3:00-3:15    Clean-up Cots, Bathroom and Hand-washing

3:30-3:45    Snack Time

3:45-4:45    Outside Time/ Pick-up

4:45-5:00    Wash hands.  Free Choice Activities  Pick-up

Daily schedule is subject to change depending on children's interest and flow of the day.